Family Friendly Barbers

Barbers aren't just places that men & boys visit. Mums, wives & girlfriends get dragged along too! Alexanders Snodland barbers is a comfortable place to visit, and you can have a sweet after your haircut when you leave the shop.. But only if you're good ;-)

Quality Men's Haircuts

Good Barbering is not just about the clippers! Lots of men have scissors cuts too. What ever your hairstyle, be assured, you will receive the time & care needed for a good haircut, cut the way YOU want it. We're a quality barbers in Snodland.

Free WiFi & iPads

Free WiFi in any barber shop or hairdresser should be a must! At Alexanders in snodland we've gone further, we have iPads for customers to use, loaded with game like minecraft, candy crush & news apps. Something to do if you have to wait for a haircut.

Meet Alex of Alexanders... Owner of the Barbers in Snodland.

I have been cutting men's hair for a decade. I first trained at West Kent College, and after qualifying, I won a men's barbering competition, for cutting and styling men's hair. For 8 years I worked at, and managed Retro Blue Barbers in Tonbridge, a busy barber shop in Kent, here is where I continued to hone my cutting skills and gain valuable barber shop experience... When the time came to open my own barbers, it was never going to be a bog standard boring barbers, with just chairs and mirrors and messy work tops! Oh no! There are plenty of those barbers already, I wanted Alexanders to be different and unique, somewhere comfortable, relaxing, sophisticated, but most of all I wanted to open a barbershop that was quirky and fun (how many barbershops do you know that have a telephone box in the shop window). I wanted Alexanders The Barbershop in Snodland to have things to do if you had to wait for your haircut! Hence the Wifi, Ipads, and bar billiards table! But I doesn't stop there, just like a haircut, attention to detail is important, so there are lots of little touches like, the music, vintage comics and local history books about Snodland. While I want Alexanders Barbershop in Snodland to be one of a kind, the most important thing is of course, that you always get a good quality haircut, and good customer service whether you have clippers all over, or a scissor cut. 

After leaving Retro Blue Barbers in Tonbridge, and opening Alexanders The Barbershop in Snodland, I am now looking to move house to Wouldham, (opposite Halling on the other side of the River Medway), so that I live closer to the barbers, and closer to Snodland. I'm a sports fan, I like my Basketball, Snooker, and of course a bit of Footie. I've got my dad to blame for me being a Spurs fan... If you have any ideas or suggestions for Alexanders barbers in Snodland, I'd love to hear them. So pop in for a trim :-)

" Alexanders. A Unique Mens Barber in Snodland..."

Billiards at the barbers!

Ever played Bar Billiards? its an old fashioned pub game, a bit like Pool, but the holes are in the middle of the table, and you only play from one end... Oh, and its Free to play.  So if there's a Queue, grab a Cue. Alexanders The Barbershop in like no other!

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