Family Friendly Barbers

Barbers aren't just places that men & boys visit. Mums, wives & girlfriends get dragged along too! Alexanders Snodland barbers is a comfortable place to visit, and you can have a sweet after your haircut when you leave the shop.. But only if you're good ;-)

Meet Alex of Alexanders... Owner of the Barbers in Snodland.

I have been cutting men's hair for a decade. I first trained at West Kent College, and after qualifying, I won a men's barbering competition, for cutting and styling men's hair. For 8 years I worked at, and managed Retro Blue Barbers in Tonbridge, a busy barber shop in Kent, here is where I continued to hone my cutting skills and gain valuable barber shop experience... When the time came to open my own barbers, it was never going to be a bog standard boring barbers, where you are rushed in and out as quickly as possible, Oh no! There are plenty of those barbers already, I wanted Alexanders to be different and unique, somewhere comfortable, relaxing, sophisticated, but most of all I wanted to open a barbershop that was quirky and fun (how many barbershops do you know that have a working telephone box in the shop window). I also wanted Alexanders The Barbershop in Snodland to have things to do if you had to wait for your haircut! Hence we have free Wifi, Ipads, and bar billiards table! But It doesn't stop there, just like a haircut, attention to detail is vital, so at our barber shop there are lots of little unique touches like, good music, vintage comics and local history books about Snodland. While I want Alexanders Barbershop in Snodland to be one of a kind, the most important thing is of course, that you always get a good quality haircut, and good customer service whether you have clippers all over, or a scissor cut. 

After leaving the barbers in Tonbridge, and opening Alexanders The Barbershop in Snodland, I moved house to Wouldham, a nice little quiet village, (wouldham is opposite Halling on the other side of the River Medway). Thanks to the new bridge across the river, my commute to work is now only 5 minutes! yay!
I'm a sports fan, I like my Basketball, Snooker, and of course a bit of Footie. I've got my dad to blame for me being a Spurs fan. On that note, every year the shop runs a Fantasy Football League which currently has 70 members and at the end of the season the winner gets a free haircut... Hopefully see you soon for a trim :-)

" Alexanders. A Unique Mens Barber in Snodland..."

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Billiards at the barbers!

Ever played Bar Billiards? its an old fashioned pub game, a bit like Pool, but the holes are in the middle of the table, and you only play from one end... Oh, and its Free to play.  So if there's a Queue, grab a Cue. Alexanders The Barbershop in like no other!


Quality Men's Haircuts

Good Barbering is not just about the clippers! Lots of men have scissors cuts too. What ever your hairstyle, be assured, you will receive the time & care needed for a good haircut, cut the way YOU want it. We're a quality barbers in Snodland.

Free WiFi & iPads

Free WiFi in any barber shop or hairdresser should be a must! At Alexanders in snodland we've gone further, we have iPads for customers to use, loaded with game like minecraft, candy crush & news apps. Something to do if you have to wait for a haircut.